Dawn of Radiance- Winter Edition

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

I finally got around to taking a trip to Dawn of Radiance done by Silvermoon Fairey, a gorgeous sim that is currently all done up for winter. When you enter the sim, there are four different paths that you can go down, each with very well done sections. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the build, and there is even a beach section that is closed for winter which I found adorable (although it is of course still accessible). It is a fantastic place for taking pictures for your blog, pictures of the sim itself, or to go have a peaceful place to hang out with friends and loved ones.

Dawn of Radiance 1

Dawn of Radiance 2

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“Yuki No Yume”.. A Dream of Snow

Morning lovely people! ❤

Kaelyn gave me a landmark to a gorgeous sim a few days ago, Yuki No Yume, which means A Dream of Snow. The sim is done in a traditional Japanese style and is all done up for winter. It’s a great place to explore, take sim pictures, or if you are a blogger do your winter themed pictures there.

Yuki No Yume- A Dream of Snow 1

Yuki No Yume- A Dream of Snow 2

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