Havenhollow (Closed November 1st)

Evening everyone! ❤

I took a trip to Havenhollow today, an interactive trick or treating experience that the Holiday Appreciation Association has put on for Halloween. I am late in posting this, but new blog and all!

Havenhollow 1

Havenhollow 2

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Seni Seviyorum

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

Today I decided to visit Seni Seviyorum. It is a beautiful place that is mostly water, with three spots that are on land. Two of them are connected with a bridge, and the third is a small beach.

Seni Seviyorum 1

Seni Seviyorum 2

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It all starts with a smile

Morning all you wonderful people! ❤

This is my very first post on my new blog purely dedicated to exploring Second Life, and what better way to start it off than with a smile ❤

My good friend Kaelyn Alecto’s Sim has just been redone for fall, and it is as beautiful as ever.


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