Starfall’s Twilights Edge

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

Starfall’s Twilights Edge has everything I love in a sim. The land is an open water sim that is so beautifully done, you could spend quite a bit of your time just taking it all in. You can then take a dive underwater to an ethereal place full of flora and fauna. To get to the underwater portion, all you need to do it look for the fish right beside the welcome board, and descend into the depths. There are also two more spaces in the sky, the first is The Whales Song Sphere, a dream like area. The second is called  Midnight Orchid, a room that is a bit dark and sensual. Please make sure to click on the welcome sign for a notecard for all information on the sim.

Inez Pennell and Cinderr Resident did a gorgeous job designing the sim and the owner is Aquaglo. It is perfect for bloggers wanting that special shot or to use an underwater scene, people that love to take pictures of sims, or for people to just go and take in.

Click for larger images:

Starfall's Twilights Edge 1

Starfall's Twilights Edge 2

Starfall's Twilights Edge 3

Starfall's Twilights Edge 4

Starfall's Twilights Edge 5


Starfall's Twilights Edge 6

You are not able to rezz or run scripts on the sim, but if you join the group for free, you will have rezz rights and information on upcoming projects and such.

Your Taxi Awaits!

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