It all starts with a smile- Winter Edition

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

Kaelyn redid her sim a little while back for the winter season, and it turned out wonderfully. You start out at the main village, which has a cute little cafe among other things, and then you can set off along the roadway, which circles the sim. Along the way there are a lot of great spots for those photographic moments, or just to spend time with loved ones or friends.

It all starts with a smile- Winter Edition 1

It all starts with a smile- Winter Edition 2

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“Yuki No Yume”.. A Dream of Snow

Morning lovely people! ❤

Kaelyn gave me a landmark to a gorgeous sim a few days ago, Yuki No Yume, which means A Dream of Snow. The sim is done in a traditional Japanese style and is all done up for winter. It’s a great place to explore, take sim pictures, or if you are a blogger do your winter themed pictures there.

Yuki No Yume- A Dream of Snow 1

Yuki No Yume- A Dream of Snow 2

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Izzie’s- Winter Edition

Evening lovely people! ❤

Izzie’s Sim has been turned into a beautiful winter wonderland with some fantastic spots for blogging, or taking sim pictures.

I especially like the opening to the scenic part of the sim, and the area at the back of the house where the Orca jumps out of the water.

Izzie's- Winter Edition 1

Izzie's- Winter Edition 2

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Noble- New England

Morning lovely people! ❤

Recently I took a trip to Noble, New England, and it is a gorgeous sim. Its so well put together, you could easily spend hours there with friends or a loved one. There are tons of little spots to discover.

In addition to it being beautiful, the owners put on live music events in the church that has been converted into a vintage club on the inside, and in the barn there is a secret wizard society.

Noble- New England 1

Noble- New England 2

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Bonne Chance- Winter Edition

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

Today I visited Bonne Chance after seeing that they are now all set up for winter. It is a beautiful sim, and is the home of B.C.C., Howl,  and Ooyuki Skin. It is a great set up for bloggers and people that like to take pictures of sims, and you can do a bit of shopping at the cute shops.

It is a mix of open, watery spaces and winding roads, with pathways.

Bonne Chance 1

Bonne Chance 2

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