Sleepy Snail- MetaLES

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

MetaLES is a sim that is purely to promote art and creators in Second Life. Every two months, an artist is able to put up an installation. The current one is stunningly beautiful, and is called Sleepy Snail. It is done by Rebeca Bashly. I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures there, and encourage others to go take a look with their loved ones or friends, or just to soak it in on their own.

Sleepy Snail- MetaLES 1

Sleepy Snail- MetaLES 2

Sleepy Snail- MetaLES 3

Sleepy Snail- MetaLES 4

Sleepy Snail- MetaLES 5

You are not able to rezz on the sim, but you are able to run scripts.

Your Taxi Awaits!


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